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Schwenckfeld & Schwenkfelder

Migration and Faith: The Migrations of the Schwenkfelders from Germany to America - Risks and Opportunities
Horst Weigelt; Translated from German by Allen Viehmeyer. Schwenkfelder Library: 2017. Hard cover, 230 pp.
The Ship St. Andrew, Galley: A Hypothesis
Alfred T. Meschter. Schwenkfelder Library: 1992. Soft cover, 50 pp. Reprinted [2010] Soft light blue cover.
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The Refuge Church in Harpersdorf
Siegfried Knörrlich, translated by Sherman L. Gerhard. The Society of the Descendants of the Schwenkfeldian Exiles: 1980. Soft cover, illustrations, 26 pp.
The Schwenkfelders in Silesia
Horst Weigelt, translated by Dr. Peter C. Erb. Schwenkfelder Library: 1985. Soft cover, 248 pp.
Twentieth Century Schwenkfelders: A Narrative History
W. Kyrel Meschter. Schwenkfelder Library: 1984. Soft cover, 380 pp.
  The Tumultuous Years
Allen Viehmeyer, Soft cover,
A Course of Study in the Life and Teachings of Caspar Schwenckfeld von Ossig (1489-1561) and the History of the Schwenkfelder Religious Movement (1518-1964)
Selina Gerhard Schultz. The Board of Publication of the Schwenkfelder Church: 1964. Soft cover, 184 pp.
The Iron Collar: A Novel from the Days of the Counter-Reformation
Fedor Sommer, translated by Andrew Berky. Schwenkfelder Library: 1956.
Practitioner in Physick: A Biography of Abraham Wagner 1717-1763
Andrew S. Berky. Schwenkfelder Library: 1954. 175 pp.
The Spiritual Diary of Christopher Wiegner
translated and edited by Peter C. Erb. The Society for the Descendants of the Schwenkfeldian Exiles: 1978. Soft cover, 179 pp.
Commentary on the Augsburg Confession by Caspar Schwenckfeld
translated by Fred A. Grater. Schwenkfelder Library: 1982. Soft cover, 182 pp.
Schwenckfeld: Knight of Faith
Joachim H. Seyppel. Schwenkfelder Library: 1961, Hard cover.
  Thread of Faith
by Karen Gallagher, Illustrated by Tricia Taggart.
Schwenckfeld and Early Schwenkfeldianism: Papers presented at the Colloquium on Schwenckfeld and the Schwenkfelders September 17–22, 1984
edited by Peter C. Erb. Schwenkfelder Library, 1986. Soft cover, 428 pp.
  Caspar Schwenckfeld on the Person and Work of Christ
By Dr. Paul Maier, Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2004
  Caspar Schwenckfeld: Eight Writings on Christian Beliefs
Edited with an introduction by H. H. Drake Williams III, Pandora Press 2006
  The History of the Building of Palm Schwenkfelder Church
By Oscar S. Schultz, Edited by Anne W. Goda Palm Schwenkfelder Church, 2011
  Exiles of Harpersdorf The Ties That Bind Excerpts from Und Weider lebt die Heimat Wege der Erinnerung-Wege der Versöhnung
By Bernhard Hauptmann; Translated and Edited by Allen Viehmeyer Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center, 2010.
  The Gate: The Schwenkfelder Saga
Ruth E. Hessenauer Blumer
  The Flesh and the Feminine: Gender and Theology in the Writings of Caspar Schwenckfeld
Ruth Gouldbourne. Forward by Peter C. Erb. Paternoster: 2006.
  Schwenckfeld in His Reformation Setting
Peter C. Erb.
  Schwenkfelder Hymnology and the Sources of the 1st Schwenkfelder Hymnbook Printed in America
Allen Anders Seipt. American Germanica Press: 1909

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