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Homeschool Group Tours

Our homeschool group programs are scheduled on an individual family basis, accommodating two or more family groups. Homeschool group tours must consist of two or more family groups and pre registration is required.

Group tours are designed within an hour time frame. Contact us to register for a program.

Cost per participant: $2/person
Length of program: 1 hour long

Two programs may be scheduled back to back for a 2 hour program: $5 per participant.

Alternatively, review our family workshop schedule of events or discuss programming ideas with our museum educator Alyssa McQuirns. A custom tour can be designed to your needs.



Learn how immigration documents and artifacts tell the story of a families history. Learn basic vocabulary in a family tree, family profile and become familiar with the primary and secondary resources in our Library used by Genealogists and historians.


Examine different forms of textiles from coverlets, show towels and articles of clothing worn and made by PA German weavers. Learn what role children had in textile production and learn a simple form of weaving.


Take on the role of Schwenkfelder families and consider the challenges if you had to leave in 18th century for a new life. Learn what the Schwenkfelders took with them, what they left behind and what impact their culture left in the local area.

Folk Art

Explore the variety in PA German folk art from Fraktur (manuscript) production to decorations on furniture and household ware. We'll spend time in our fraktur gallery discussing the many motifs and functions of Fraktur and create our own PA German manuscript.

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