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Collections and Exhibits

First Floor Galleries

Art Gallery

Memories of China, Part I: Selections from the Flora Heebner Collection
Through May 9

This spring we will be featuring Chinese textiles from the Flora Heebner collection in the first floor galleries. During her tenure in China as a missionary from 1904 to 1942, Miss Heebner accumulated numerous beautiful embroidered textiles and other objects as gifts and remembrances of her time there. We'll be exhibiting a group of them from early March through early May, then, opening in June, we will have an exhibit that also includes ceramics, personal accessories, historical objects, and more from China.

Local History Gallery

Christmas Putz
Through March 17

Make it part of your Christmas tradition to bring the family to see our annual Christmas Putz. This year we continue last year's theme of having a group of smaller putzes on the first floor of the Heritage Center. Stop in to see what creative ideas we'll come up with for 2017. The Putz is an ever-evolving holiday display, much as it was when the putz makers in the Lehigh Valley put them together a hundred years ago.

Meeting Room Gallery

Dennis Gerhart: America Before Machines
November 30 – April 30

Join us this fall and winter for a terrific new exhibit in the Heritage Center Meeting Room by artist and illustrator Dennis Gerhart, as he focuses on America before Machines. Dennis has had "a long interest in early Pennsylvania transportation and history," as he describes it, and his exhibit will feature his artistic renderings of the times before trains and automobiles when mule-drawn and horse-drawn power got us and our goods from here to there. Dennis works in pen and ink and watercolor—
you'll love his meticulous drawings that harken back to a simpler time.

Fraktur Gallery

Face Time: Portraits in Hooked Rugs and Selections for the Heritage Center Collection – Susan Feller
Through March 17, 2018

Textile artist Susan Feller returns to the Heritage Center as guest curator of this new exhibit that focuses on faces. She brings us a selection of portraits in hooked rugs, and we will be supplementing these works of art in wool with selections from the collection featuring all kinds of faces—including paintings, fraktur, and decorative objects of all kinds. Drop in to see just what surprises Susan has in store for us!

Pennsylvania German Samplers
April 27 - October 5, 2018

For Penn Dry Goods Market 2018 we are planning a special treat—an exhibit of Pennsylvania German samplers from the Schwenkfelder and other collections. This survey of samplers will focus on regional similarities and differences, and a comparison of needlework done by members of religious groups such as the Schwenkfelders and the Mennonites. We'll offer some ideas on how motifs were transmitted and carried across generations and also contrast the work done under the auspices of a teacher versus the work done at home and influenced by family and friends. We hope to provide new insight into this very significant aspect of many young Pennsylvania German women's lives.

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