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Brown Bag Lunch Lectures


The Pawling Slave Book and Other Slave Sources in Pennsylvania
Presented by Hunt Schenkel
September 12, noon

Slavery had been a reality in what was to become Pennsylvania since its first settlement by the Swedes and the Dutch in the 1630s. However, due to Pennsylvania's geography, the institution of slavery never gained a substantial foothold in the colonial and antebellum economy, and archival resources on Pennsylvania slaves are somewhat rare. This lecture will explore those sources and will focus on a unique document in the Heritage Center collection that helps shed some light on the "Peculiar Institution" north of the Mason Dixon Line.

Noteworthy Schwenkfelder Achievements
Presented by Allen Viehmeyer
October 10, noon

Generations of Schwenkfelders have been successful as craftsmen, farmers, businessmen, ministers, inventors, in sundry other occupations and vocations. This presentation highlights achievements of several Schwenkfelders long ago and, more recently, in Silesia and Pennsylvania.

The Story of George Weiss
Presented by Allen Viehmeyer
November 14, noon

This lecture takes a look at a man who was probably the first "elected" leader of the Schwenkfelders. Weiss was a prolific writer of hymns and a number of pastoral letters located today in our collection. His life began in Silesia where he became a recognized leader of the Schwenkfelder community in Harpersdorf. He and his wife fled to Herrnhut in May 1726, and arrived in Philadelphia in September 1734. Discover how George Weiss became an influential figure at a crucial time in Schwenkfelder history.

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